Material Pick-Up Disclosure


Whether it’s the customer who is picking the order up, the customer’s uncle, the customer’s brother, or the customer’s installer/fabricator.

All material is assumed to be inspected thoroughly once it leaves the facility. Material WILL NOT be taken back once it has left the facility.

It is in your BEST interest to inspect the material before you leave the facility.

SCS Tile is NOT responsible for any variance in the material. Customer acknowledges and approves all materials have variation from item to item, and within an item. This includes, but it not limited to, slabs, tile, wood, vinyl, etc.

For safety reasons, SCS Tile WILL NOT take back any material once it has left the facility.

Material can be damaged in any distance of transit, whether it has been unloaded from your vehicle or NOT.

SCS Tile is NOT responsible for product defect or damage, property damage, lost labor costs, repair costs, or loss of use due to faulty fabrication, cutting and/or installation, including improper handling and care of product. Once installed, merchandise cannot be returned for any reason.

You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund, return, or exchange for any purchase under any circumstances.